Brevard Live - May 2009

Just Blue
Below the Damage

Just Blue is a mixed duo made up by Melissa Barelmann and Chad Fagg.Barelmann sings lead and Fagg plays acoustic guitar and chimes in with a backing vocal now and then. The whole album is very simplistic in its approach and formula. There are no complex arrangements or orchestrations here, this isn’t about musicianship as much as it is about poetry and lyrical message. Barelmann’s words come from a very pure and honest place and Fagg’s accompaniment gives her the space she needs.

I was happy the liner notes include the lyrics (I always love that), it gave me the opportunity to follow along more closely and really experience the emotion she was going for. I don’t know if this album is about just one relationship, but I feel like I’ve lived through the entirety of it after listening to these songs.

“This time, this night, you swore it would be different,” “in both of us I found the hurt,” lyrics like these draw you into Just Blue’s realm of sincerity. Fearlessly honest. I respect that most of all.

Highlights are track 7, “Truth Is” and track 11, ‘Catch Me If You Can”.

Matt Bretz
May 2009 - page 45

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