About Us

The word “just” is defined in many ways. Among them, “Guided by truth.” And, “Simply. Certainly.”

So it’s serendipitous that the Melbourne, Florida-based duo of Just Blue embodies those definitions through simple, pure music.

In fact, moments of serendipity have followed Just Blue since Melissa Barelmann (vocals) and Chad Fagg (guitars, backing vocals) met in early 2006, brought together by a love of simple, personal songs.

A musician since he was a child, Chad played in several rock and metal bands before arriving at his true home: behind an acoustic guitar. After mistaking Melissa’s voice for that of Natalie Merchant, Chad knew those soothing vocals would provide the ideal accompaniment.

Just Blue began playing covers—from Bon Jovi to Coldplay—in local coffeehouses. But they wanted more. Melissa and Chad wrote 20 original songs in just a few months. They started recording right away, to capture the soul of their new creations. Of those 20 tracks, 13 of them are on their debut CD, Below The Damage, featuring songs that weave Melissa's mellow vocals with the tapestry of Chad's acoustic guitar. The authenticity of the album even extends to its packaging—Chad put the finishing touches on the CD by designing the artwork.

In addition to Natalie Merchant, major influences for Just Blue include singer/songwriters like Missy Higgins, Jewel, Shawn Mullins, Matt Nathanson, Glen Phillips, Joshua Radin, Damien Rice and Mindy Smith.

After taking some time off of writing to play locally, Chad and Melissa got back to writing for a new record. It wasn't long before they realized that these songs had so much more to offer than the bare-bones approach of Below The Damage. So they started recording all the pieces and parts to make a full band recording. As the recording process came to a close, they enlisted the help of Brian Fechino (Pat McGee Band, Amy Gerhartz) of Room 56 In Nashville to mix and master the new record. "Brian has taken our new record to the next level for us" says Chad.
Their newest material, the full length album Speak To Hear, was released to high praise in early July and represents the band’s newfound dedication to reaching their potential. Though Just Blue is only comprised of two people, their recorded material presents a complete realization of the songs with a full accompanying band. The songs weave in and out and touch down on genres like country, classic rock, and pop; though the Just Blue’s delivery makes the songs truly unique.
The remainder of 2015 finds Just Blue exactly where they want to be; strapped with a lengthy catalogue of fresh, quality material and ready to put themselves in front of eager audiences.